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"Over the past four months, I have visited business schools, interviewed faculty, staff and students and truly learned what a successful diversity program looks like. It has been an amazing opportunity to witness first-hand the passion exhibited at the schools profiled in this white paper. When tasked with developing a white paper on diversity, I wanted to take a unique approach. The market is inundated with white papers. My goal was to not only develop a white paper but also to allow you to experience the various universities highlighted. After reading this white paper, I encourage you to experience these universities by viewing the accompanying documentary series entitled Diversity: Why It Matters.


Diversity: Why It Matters profiles four innovative business schools that are facilitating diverse programs. These programs can serve as best-in-class examples for any business school interested in advancing a successful diversity program."

Diversity: Why it Matters

Diversity: Why it Matters

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Ever wonder what makes a white-collar criminal tick? Why does she or he do what they do? For the first time ever, see the mind of the fraudster laid bare, including their sometimes twisted rationalizations; think like a crook to catch a crook! Understand how the psychologies of fraudsters and their victims interact as well as what makes auditors/investigators/regulators let down their guard. Learn about the psychology of fraud victims, including boards of directors and senior management, and what makes them want to believe fraudsters, and therefore making them particularly vulnerable to deception. Just as IT experts gave us computer forensics, we now have a uniquely qualified team immersed in psychology, sociology, psychiatry as well as accounting and auditing, introducing the emerging field of behavioral forensics to address the phenomenon of fraud.

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