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Radio Interviews

NABA, Inc. Webinar Tackles Ethics In The Workplace

JUL 11, 2017 –  "The session speaker is Dr. Kelly Richmond Pope, associate professor of accounting at DePaul University and founder of Helios Digital Learning, Inc. Dr. Pope will pull from her fraud research and experiences interviewing white-collar offenders, whistle-blowers and victims of fraud to offer this interactive webinar."

AICPA Virtual Roadtrip: Chicago

FALL 2016 –  "For our fall 2016 Virtual Field Trip, we caught up with Kelly in her office at DePaul University. She brings a unique, hands-on approach to teaching managerial accounting, forensics and ethical leadership. She’s also a freelance journalist, an entrepreneur, a filmmaker and a proud mom. Step into Kelly’s world and learn all about what inspired her to become a CPA, why she loves teaching about fraud and hear her fascinating answers to student participants’ questions."

DePaul professor makes documentary on largest U.S. municipal fraud case

JAN 24, 2016, Megan Deppen – "It’s a compelling story. A small-town city official from Dixon, Illinois commits the largest municipal fraud in U.S. history by stealing $53.7 million over 20 years and builds a horse-breeding empire worth 767 championships. In charge of telling this story for accounting students at DePaul is professor Kelly Richmond Pope."

Digital Badges Make A B-School Debut

JAN 4, 2016, Alison Damast – “I found that badging often applies to the soft skills that aren’t always valued by a traditional grading system in a traditional course,” believes Richmond Pope. “I think that displaying a badge really allows you to learn more about that person and it may even be what opens the door to a recruiter learning more about someone.”

Dixon theft now part of college courses

APR 17, 2015, Matt Mencarini– "From a teaching perspective, Pope said, she wanted something visual because millennial learners are more engaged when you offer a video. And as an entrepreneur, she said, she wanted to create more engaging content. And for that, Pope said, 'this is the perfect case.'"

Jackie Robinson West Whistleblower Faces DePaul Ethics Class

FEB 18, 2015, Mark Konkol – "Pope ended her column with a Shakespearean query: 'As I get ready for Monday’s lecture, what do I tell my students? To whistleblow or not? That is the question.' I wanted to know what a bunch of future CPAs studying ethics had to say about the matter and invited myself to class. And to make things more interesting, I brought along Chris Janes, the guy who first alleged in an email that Jackie Robinson West used suburban ringers during the team’s title run."

Why you should stop selling your kids’ cookies

​FEB 8, 2014 by Bob Collins – "This goes beyond helicopter parenting. Ensuring that kids sell their own cookies is responsible parenting,” argues Kelly Richmond Pope on the Washington Post’s website."

Journal of Accountancy Interview

DEC 31, 2013 – "I wanted a delivery platform that would be larger than just a journal article or just a textbook. I thought that film and teaching were really powerful tools to reach a larger audience—more students, more practitioners, just more people—by putting my thoughts in a film as opposed to putting them on a piece of paper."

Remarkable Woman: Kelly Richmond Pope

​JAN 5, 2013 by Jenniffer Weigel – "Most people don't start their day combing the newspaper for headlines about white-collar felons. But for Kelly Richmond Pope, it's just part of the job as a forensic accountant, and one she shares with students at DePaul University, where she is an associate professor in the School of Accountancy and Management Information Systems."

Kelly Films Her Way to Better Connections

JUN 1, 2016 by John Garrett – "Kelly Richmond Pope is on a mission to show what an accountant is not. She’s shattering the stereotype of an accounting professor by continuously looking for new ways to keep students engaged by learning with different media. Her latest project is a feature documentary All the Queens Horses about the largest municipal fraud in U.S. history."

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